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HealthIntel is Powered by a Specialized Med-AI Platform


Welcome to Healthintel

Based on two decades of research and millions of healthcare encounters, our platform can instantaneously determine the your state of wellness and suggest the best next health action at early signs of disease.

Our platform embeds patent-pending, next-level intelligence into every aspect of health diagnostics and wellness, helping you leverage your own wellness profile in new ways to reduce your risk.

Innovative AI for Precision Healthcare

Our platform harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize healthcare, utilizing extensive data analytics and innovative models for precise health and wellness insights.


Features of the HealthIntel Med-AI Platform

Tailored to individual user – precision medicine

Takes just minutes for initial setup

Integrates seamlessly with HealthIntel’s fitness device or your own i.e. Fitbit etc

Tracks wellness and ill health trajectory that can be shared with your doctor

Wellness state determination is instantaneous

Early ill health detection and alerts

Timely wellness and healthy behavior alerts

Looking for Accurate and Safe Healthcare?

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