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HealthIntel Health Action Advisor


Over a billion daily health-related internet searches result in unnecessary healthcare use.

Optimizes Emergency Services

60% of ER visits are avoidable with HealthIntel's personalized healthcare solutions.

Smart Healthcare Guidance

Guides users to the most appropriate healthcare option.

Optimized Healthcare Efficiency

Saves healthcare cost to individuals and hospitals.

Care Channel Optimization

Streamlining Healthcare Decisions

Care Channel Optimization by HealthIntel employs data analytics and decision algorithms to guide individuals with tailored recommendations, empowers informed choices, and streamlines ER visits, thus optimising the healthcare journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many individuals turn to emergency rooms due to a lack of clarity on where and when to seek care, often driven by uncertainty about their health conditions.

Our solutions precisely analyze individual’s health status and guide them to the most suitable care option, be it an ER, urgent care, primary care, or self-care at home.

Reducing such visits not only lowers out-of-pocket costs but also alleviates strain on hospital resources and the healthcare system, resulting in cost savings and empowering patients to actively manage their health.


Why Choose Us?

Optimize Healthcare Costs

HealthIntel helps individuals make cost-effective healthcare choices, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By avoiding unnecessary ER visits, it eases the burden on hospitals and healthcare resources.

Empowerment in Healthcare

Enables individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey, making informed decisions aligned with their health needs.


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