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HealthIntel Disease Predictor

Prevalence of Diagnostic Errors

Everyone faces misdiagnosis, with nearly 50% leading to harm.

Costly Impact of Diagnostic Errors

Diagnostic errors contribute to a trillion dollars in healthcare costs.

HealthIntel's Med-AI Platform

Platform offers personalized care through continuous monitoring.

Innovative Disease Detection

It can diagnose any issue using advanced AI without invasive tests.

Accurate Disease Diagnosis

Revolutionizing Healthcare Diagnosis

HealthIntel’s Med-AI platform follows a four-step process: continuous health monitoring, analyzing symptoms and vital signs, employing AI algorithms for accurate diagnoses, and reducing unnecessary medical procedures, thus enhancing patient care and reducing healthcare costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Enables early and accurate disease diagnosis, reduces unnecessary tests, and predicts conditions like COVID-19 and mental health issues using continuous health monitoring and AI.

By continuously monitoring health and using AI algorithms, Med-AI accurately detects diseases, reducing misdiagnoses and patient harm.

HealthIntel’s AI stands out for its sophisticated, proprietary, and patent-pending technology, enabling precise disease diagnosis and prediction.


Why Choose Us?

Precise Early Diagnosis

HealthIntel’s Med-AI platform can diagnose conditions like COVID-19 effectively without invasive tests, indicating its ability for early and precise detection of various diseases.

Fewer Diagnostic Errors

By continuously monitoring health data and using AI algorithms, the platform significantly reduces the prevalence of diagnostic errors, which are common in traditional healthcare settings.

Detection of Conditions

The platform shows promising results in the early detection of cardiac and mental health conditions, utilizing a combination of wellness profiles and symptom analysis.


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