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About us ----

HealthIntel's Journey:

HealthIntel was founded by Dr. Prashant Mahajan, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, Vice Chair Department of Emergency Medicine, Section Chief, Pediatric EM, University of Michigan, Chair, Section of EM for American Academy of Pediatrics, ~25 years of predictive modeling and supported by the University of Michigan and part of their Tech Transfer program.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan we have a leadership team that brings over 75 years of experience in multiple disciplines including medical, science, consumer, technology, operations, and general business.

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Preventative Care is the Cornerstone of Optimal Health

Our Medical AI platform leverages complex algorithms and deep learning to analyze a wealth of health data, providing personalized health assessments and predicting potential health issues before they arise.


Proactive Health Management

Precision Healthcare

Every time, Anywhere

Our primary focus is to support accurate and safe healthcare for every patient, every time.


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